About me

I take photographs to slow down. Rhythms of society have become so fast that often I found myself unable to observe and grasp its beauty and harmony. Nature has a much slower pace and I need to slow down to feel myself in tune with its sounds, images and harmony.

Photography takes me there.

My pictures of landscapes, nature and people tell a story of a slow world, sometimes amplified by long exposures some other times not. Sometimes they tell a story of slowing disappearing places, traditions and ways. Some other time they tell the longing for a slow world through the eyes and the gestures of people. Some other times my pictures simply capture the rhythms of nature.

I usually do not plan my shoots. I rather wait for a time, a place and a mood to resonate with me and provide me a still sense of peace and harmony or the struggle for it.

Hopefully my collection of images will bring you too into my world at least the slow side of it.



Email: angelo.dragone@gmail.com



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